Glaus Brothers Contracting, Inc. is your custom home builder. Whether you choose one of our hundreds of fully-customizable floor plans or bring us one of your own, your home will be ready to move into upon completion!


The initial planning process ensures that your home is built according to your specifications and budget. The home building process begins with a floor plan from either one of our many plans offered, one you provide yourself, or an original custom plan designed with our 3D Computer Aided Design software program. Your 3D CAD design is created in our office so you can maintain a close relationship with the designer. After you choose a plan, you select top quality materials and colors for your home from our Showroom. Your home is then fully engineered by our supplier and brought to sight for Glaus Brothers to complete.

We take your plans to our supplier, Amwood Homes for engineering and material ordering. First, their engineers analyze the home in a 3D panel program to make sure it is structurally sound. The house is built on computer before any material is ordered or the first board is sawn. Next, all the materials needed to frame your home are ordered and stored indoors. Then, components are built as floor panels, wall panels, and roof trusses in Amwood’s state-of-the-art production facilities. The 3D engineering system communicates with computer controlled saws to accurately and efficiently cut material. Specialized equipment is used to build the components of your home in a quality and efficient manner. A great benefit of this process is that components are built indoors in a controlled environment, which minimizes weather damage and jobsite theft. Most home panels and trusses are completed in 3 days. Finally, components are loaded onto trucks and delivered to the job site. Typically, a home is delivered on three loads.

In the meantime, Glaus Brothers coordinates the building permits, excavation, and foundation. A set crew and crane is scheduled to be at the site the morning the house is to be delivered. The components are then set onto the foundation using a crane. The crew generally completes all of the framing in 2-5 days, depending on the size of the home. Exterior completion material such as siding and shingles are delivered with the framing components. From there, Glaus Brothers coordinates the installation of the exterior materials. The roofing materials go on immediately after the roof is sheeted, typically 3-5 working days followed by the remaining exterior materials.

For the inside of the home, Glaus Brothers coordinates the plumbers, electricians, insulating contractors, sheetrock hangers, drywallers, and painters, and flooring installers. Once painting and flooring is complete, we will deliver the remaining interior materials such as cabinets, countertops, interior doors, and trim. Glaus Brothers installs all of the finish materials and sees that the home is ready for final inspection. Once final inspection is complete, your home is ready to move into!


Glaus Brothers Contracting gladly does sub-contracting for those who prefer to have their home completed for them and for those who enjoy taking part in the home building process. You may choose from our highly reputable team of sub-contractors or any contractor of your choice.


Focus on Energy’s New Homes Program

We build homes that are certified through Wisconsin Focus on Energy’s New Homes program. These specialty homes are built to maximize energy efficiency, lower monthly utility bills and provide you with a healthy, durable, and happy living environment.

Our Wisconsin Focus on Energy’s qualified homes differ from other homes in that they feature:

  • We always exceed the minimum requirements by a large degree
  • Tighter construction to prevent air leakage and infiltration,
  • More insulation that is efficiently installed,
  • High-performance windows made with better framing and window materials, and
  • ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling equipment of the appropriate size

We encourage you to consider building a Wisconsin Focus on Energy qualified home, click on the logo to learn more about specific features and benefits.