What is Component Construction?

Answer: Component Construction builds homes according to local building codes using traditional framing details. Components are built in a factory as roof trusses, wall panels and floor panels. The components are transported to the job site where they are assembled into place with a crane. Completion of the exterior and interior of the home is done at the job site. The huge benefit to this is that your new home will be dried in, in 3 to 7 days while not giving up the ability to build any custom plan

What is the difference between Component Construction and Stick Built Construction?

Answer: Stick Built Construction refers to the building method where the entire home is built at the job-site stick by stick. Today few homes are built completely as Stick Built Construction because most homes use components that are built in a factory such as roof trusses, windows, pre-hung doors and cabinets. Component Construction just continues the trend by building walls and floors as components.

Both Component and Stick Built Construction follow the same local building code and use the same traditional framing details. Component Construction builds inside in a controlled environment, on specialized equipment with all of the materials within easy reach. Stick Built Construction builds outside on the ground in all types of weather and has to work with material where ever the lumber yard dumps it. Component construction is streamlined to minimize waste and negative effects on the environment.

The main advantages of Component Construction are that the builder has much better control of their costs, the homes are framed in much more quickly and there is less weather damage and theft at the job-site.